The Courier

The Courier is the AIWC’s monthly publication which is sent out to all our members, advertisers and other interested recipients. It is a full-color magazine containing club news, feature stories and photographs, as well as regular columns such as Au Cinéma (critiques of current films), restaurant reviews, ecology issues, fiction and poetry, recipes and members’ bios and hometowns.

Our team is a remarkable mix of skill and enthusiasm but we are always interested in having new members join us. We welcome any member who would like to contribute ideas, articles, photos, proofreading or help with distribution.

If you have an article, interview, story, poem or photograph you would like to publish, take a look at our editorial schedule for 2016 below. While our writers need to be comfortable writing in English, we will edit and polish your piece, making you a proud contributor to our magazine.

Articles should be approximately 800 words for a two-page spread or 450 words for a one-page article. Accompanying original photos are always welcome. The deadlines listed below are the absolute last day for submission of an actual written article. Ideas for submissions must be communicated to us even earlier. You are welcome to submit months in advance if desired.  You must be a Club member to contribute.

Would you like to advertise in The Courier and/or on the Website? Please contact .

Courier Themes 2016

What do these words or phrases inspire you to write?

Theme    Deadline for material

February: Silver Linings January 4
March: Santé February 1
April: Planet Earth March 1
May: Origins April 1
June: Unions May 3
July-August: Petites et Grandes Vacances June 1
September: Alternatives July 18
October: Dreams September 1
November: Around the Bend October 3
December-January Table Talk November 1
February 2017: Clouds January 3, 2017

We also welcome submissions for:
Meet a Member: Interview a fellow Club member. (500 words)
My Hometown: Write about the city, town or village where you grew up. (400-500 words)
Written in Geneva: Review a book written by an author who lives in Geneva (400-500 words)
Readers Recommend: Recommend a restaurant, shop, museum, upcoming festival.

These are just suggestions to get you started. if you have a story in you, on any of these themes, please contact us.

The Editorial Team